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Experience, Talent & Passion

With more than 14 years experience, we are a Passionate and Creative team based in Barcelona that focus on Entretainment & Productivity Apps.

Creative Approach

We develop Top Quality Apps with the most Creative and Passionate People

Empowering our visionary team to create top-tier apps, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation directly to you.

Driven by our passion for excellence, we design and develop bespoke apps tailored to elevate your digital experience.

We ❤️ APPs

We love Mobile Apps, and we are specialized on Productivity and Entretainment Apps.We love UI/UX


Innovation is Key and allow us to solve existing problems for our users in new creative ways.

Marketing & Publishing

We are self publishers and we do internally all our marketing efforts. We are performance marketing experts and we love always to explore new channels.

Talent & Small Teams

We are Strong Believers that Talent makes the difference. Our teams are small but highly talented.All Team members are designers and autonomous.

Our Apps

Super Chat
Year:2023Developer:Lab House
Invoice Fly
Year:2023Developer:Lab House
Year:2022Developer:Lab House
Good Night
Year:2020Developer:Lab House
Life Quotes
Year:2022Developer:Lab House